How did I get here?

For those of you who are curious about my journey of development and growth in my artistry, I've tried to break it down for you below in a sort of a timeline. From the beginning stages of my writing processes to getting together with my band members, to recording and releasing an album, working on cool collaborations, to traveling internationally with my band... twice.


The ultimate lesson I've learned through each of these experiences is that human connection is everything. And the more you create opportunities for yourself to meet people, the more doors will open for you in the long run.


It won't happen overnight. It took me THREE. YEARS.


But when you persevere through the difficulties and have faith in your purpose, the results are so worthwhile.

Don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Seek out some of your favorite writers and ask them for feedback on your writing. Ask for some arrangement ideas. Listen to some reference tracks. Approach writing differently. Be inspired. Place your writing in front of people who will give you a legitimate response.

Find people you enjoy working with, who are talented and skilled, but also passionate about your line of work. Seek genuine artists that value collaborative efforts. Introduce your project, and see if they would be interested in helping you bring it to life. Invite their suggestions and encourage their ideas. Be open-minded to all the possibilities.

Use your resources to find time and opportunity to get your projects recorded. Turn it into something that's real and tangible. Think about how much easier it would make it if you could just shoot someone your Spotify link or have a link to your album on your business card; why scramble to make comparisons between yourself and other artists?

Make a local presence. Contact music venues, radio stations, television stations, schools, coffee houses, retail stores. It never hurts to ask, and the opportunities for building new relationships with professionals are endless.

Share your exciting creative journey. Start marketing your project. In the mean time, make connections with other creatives. Show genuine interest in their work, and surprisingly enough, it will be returned more than half of the time. People want recognition for what they're working on. Connect with them. Make plans to create something together. It will double your network.

Sponsored opportunities attract new eyes. With social media being such a large market today, it is an incredibly influential move for brands to promote you and your social media page in return for you promoting and representing their brand. A lot of brands have great programs (even for college students, specifically!) and the best part is that you get to pick and choose who you work with. Not only will this give you a cohesive aesthetic for your social platforms, but you get to practice working in other creative ways! 

Release your project WHEN. IT'S. READY. Every good thing takes time. It's more effective to have a well-planned and strategized release, than to rush throwing something out there just so it's there. Make your release a social event-- throw a release party, or a release show. Involve people by inviting them to be apart of the celebration.

This was absolutely the most difficult project for me. For the second time, I planned a month-long tour overseas in South Korea (for the month of July 2018) with my band members from Berklee. Planning and organizing had to be done more than a year in advance, and arrangements were constantly being made even after we got there as we were getting hired for more shows and locations on the spot. But traveling internationally is crucial for an artist like myself, who wants to maintain both domestic and international relationships.

Stay in touch with your connections. Touring South Korea with my band for the second year in a row was only possible because of the reputation and mark we had left on our audience members when we were previously there in the summer of 2017. 

At the same time, continue to be inspired. The more work you are able to create and put out, the more opportunities you are creating for people to be/stay/feel connected to you.



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