Songs About Someone I Love(d)

[Songs About Someone I Love(d)] is like walking through a gallery in a museum inside my soul. Each track holds a very different but special place in my heart, as they were all written based on the life experiences I’ve breathed and learned from. The songs portray very specific instances of both heartbreak and growth, and will take you from the memories of adrenaline and high of catching new feelings in “Blurry Focus”, to the title song “Song About Someone I Love(d)” which was written when I experienced a very real and difficult shift in my life, then will lead you to a moment of self-reflection and recognition in the final track, “Weak”. I hope and pray that this album will give you flashbacks to your best, love-struck days, and will also help you to remember that there is always something you can take away even from the darker ones— growth. Thank you for listening to my stories; and thank you for listening to my heart.



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